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A burning candle can decimate our darkness

A burning candle can decimate our darkness

A burning candle can decimate our darkness

A burning candle can decimate our darkness


Life has many beautiful sides and with a positive attitude we can make the best out of it.
But unfortunately it also can show us its less pleasant and dark sides where everyone will be faced with in their life.
And anyone can solve these acute murky problems by to stay positive.
Make sure we have built friendly respectful relationships where we always can count on by reciprocal difficulties.
An organized life is very important at such a forthwith moment.
So that we all the pieces have for the possibilities to make the puzzle complete again.
Always look for the candle that can wipe out our darkness points of time and then receive the light again to solve everything quickly.
We often think that it only happens to us and that is of-course not true, because it is not always sunshine for every person.
In many cases, it seems often so, but that is because “nobody dirty laundry hangs outside” and shows the beautiful sides of their life to the outside world.
Always be prepared for the worst in our life, especially when we have responsibilities to others we do not like they be disappointed in us.
If others call on us to do with their problems see it not negatively, but even appreciate this because it is a sign that their confidence in us.
Because of, we are the candle for them in the darkness that give hope to awaken from a problem where we all can exposed to.
They believe and have hope in us, so it may touch their light again.
No one is excluded from the darkness and a burning candle “good relations” will be called the outcome.
By help from the appropriate contact and after can make the right compromises together, the darkness will change soon into brilliant rays.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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