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A child in your life.

A child in your life.


The hour has come and the baby come out.
You’re a grown older and are now very happy.
A new family member is born and which now belongs to the family.
Listening to the cry from a baby with a carefree mind.
A relative is there in your arms and you feel the band.
You’ve waited so long for this beautiful moment.
But now it’s come so far and look you in the eye of Your child.
You can hardly believe it as small and innocent it is there.
The little feet and hands move at random.
Grandpa and Grandma have also come and do not want to go.
The child of their children has come with a new existence.
The family has now grown, we can do it now with all.
Of course that gives problems but we do not think of that.
A new life is born that is what counts.
The name we have given already only now to the town hall.
Then we have the officially described and it has our name.
Then we need to take care of it so long that it can stay on their own feet.
Then it will be his own way to lead without influence from us.
Follow the guidelines of education that we have given to them.
Then decides on their own existence and follow hopefully our given lesson about the lives .
We always hope for the best as our parents has taught us.
We have our parents always respectfully honored.
So before we start to think we still have a very long way to go.
The years will more soon pass by with prosperity and adversity.
The best there but make from it in a big magic hat.
The great love that we are getting back from our child shall pay back everything.
All worries shall we hereby avoid and do not come back.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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