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A Fair Chance we should Earning

A Fair Chance we should Earning.


If we are honest about what you are about to read then you will probably agree with me, because we all wait for opportunities or hope that and believe at least in this no doubt there.
So grab our opportunities or chance if there is a possibility, for reasons there will probably no chance that its come a second time or more or are we one of those lucky ones who will get a second or even more opportunities, but hope there is not too much on.
Occasionally it seems like it’s all wrong divided on this planet, one gets everything and the other nothing, at times happened across everything and nothing at all on this side.
That can sometimes be frustrating and disappointing with sad moments but that’s life, just keep believing in ourselves and knowing that after rain come sunshine.
Unlucky in a storm, we can lose everything, but our character and determination to start again with a positive effort can let us rise up again with pride.
An honest and positive thoughts will always serve our improvements through willpower and try to stay then come progressively closer to our new goal.
As Napoleon pointed out that a quitter never can win and a winner never gives up, says enough about achieving and exploiting opportunities.
Go for it when the time is right and chances are there, will not let them pass away and grab it with both hands by full enthusiasm and effort so that we can change the temporal for the eternal if we seize that opportunity.
By continuing to wait for the opportunity seize us and not knowing but just hope that this will ever happen is like waiting for a trip to the moon what few chosen individuals is laid on earth and this is the truth.
We have to earn a fair chance to get ahead or to improve our future prospects in life, but without diligent and industrious we will without great effort and commitment miss every opportunity and shall pass up afterwards with a tear.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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A Fair Chance we should Earning 21 June 2015

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