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A individual with a dual personality

A individual with a dual personality

A individual with a dual personality


A individual with a dual personality


Who are You ?
What are You ?
Where are You with Your thoughts?
Is there something wrong with You?
Can anyone still understand or believe You?
Are all those stories out from Your mind or is it the truth?
Cause, You tell namely becoming something else.
No one can follow You anymore.
Everyone is therefore caught off guard in their thoughts by many questions about You.
What should someone now do with Your friendship?
Everyone think of a dual personality as we listen and hear how You talk.
For every person is it better to let You go further in Your own fantasy world and say goodbye to avoid trouble.
Through all those stories and lies that nobody wants to listen to.
It looks like a horse without reins.
Walking around in the pasture without a honest direction.
In addition, the horse is in his own mind happy full of fantasy.
But the people around him can and not will follow it.
And do not want to be overpowered by lies and stories.
There is something wrong in their head with such persons.
Therefore, it is better to be recommended for them go to a psychologist.
Which will help them heal and maybe get a righteous further future.
Because everyone will think that by this persons in the upper chamber something is succumbed.
By the senseless thoughts and fantasy stories we keep hearing from them.
We do not want to hear something like that not even in the best choir.
Let them go on with their lives without us.
With this they can make no one happy.
Many people talk with two faces and a double tongue.
They want so to impress on another and it seems better.
But think and believe they really so of anyone believed this as it has been served?
No one is stupid enough for not to find the truth in time.
A mindless life lead with a double face will even end up as a clown that everyone will let laugh at the right time after the exposure.
Let us not itself be seduced and betrayed by the evil lies and deceit with a double face.
That is a temporary way of life that will not give us the profit of inner peace.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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