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A Misunderstanding can Total Change Our Life

A Misunderstanding can Total Change Our Life.


It is a great displeasure as our main rules and principles in life is to have good intentions and by mistake for the meaning of words there a dispute arises.
This is a common divagation where both parties have no preconceived intention in on misleading and unprecedented meaning of the words to creates bewilderment.
Or if we want to communicate in another Mother language that we are not master it completely, so then when we use a wrong word or don’t understand one hundred percent the other statements of a person.
This may lead to an argument which would be entirely superfluous when we’re speaking the same mother tongue or would be written by being able to understand it all.
By continuing to communicate and discuss or start to asking questions, we can come to a full knowledge of the facts.
But if during the connection aggression or judging are made, will it be difficult to continue the conversation in harmony.
Then we break the friendship unnecessary, similarly and it’s unfairly and give it an unpleasant precedent of contact, while when we srart with questions or answers it can change the entire mood.
Excitable and emotional response here is often the culprit and creator of the inconveniences that could have been prevented by good intentions that reigned there.
The incomprehensible vocabulary creates frictions, both the statements made and be misunderstood by another concatenation of the words.
When disharmony arise by one or both persons so that there is no good coherence possible anymore and therefore the problems can start.
Discord is now created, while the background reasons that totally based with a good behavior, but copulation is already broken by a mistake.
Such a misunderstanding by lack of communication can totally change our lives and convert into piteous circumstances where no one had counted on.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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A Misunderstanding can Total Change Our Life

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