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It was all so fast and quickly gone.
I haven’t even thought about it.
But now it is so suddenly gone.
I came home and had the misfortune of the lights are not lit.
The door opened and the food on the table was not there.
Walked into the kitchen for the woman of my dreams to see.
But she was there also not visible.
Walked quickly upstairs maybe she was sick in bed.
To my surprise I started to believe, I look like crazy.
The cabinets opened and her clothes were not there.
Then I began to realize that she was not at all in home.
My heart began to beat faster and harder.
Quick run to down, I called her.
The phone was offline and I felt a shock.
What should I do now because I love her.
She left me and I do not know where.
The time now is pure speculation where she is and that is a little silly.
My thoughts go back and forth and that’s stupid.
I am now come to the point because I do not remember.
She left me and that hurts so much.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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