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To have that capability to adjust and be everywhere at ease.
And can talk on all levels within the business world.
Know a little bit out of everything and be aware of the latest news.
You give respect to anyone and You will get it returned.
You can adjust very quick in a company with Your all rounded skill.
You adjust Yourself so good that everyone around You get influence by You.
You give to everyone the feeling that you have been working there for years.
Know where is your place and can communicate easily with all the levels.
You are not lazy to work and also know how to work on the smart way efficiently.
For every problem occurred You also be able to solve it.
Can make friends and can do things with pleasure without expecting anything in return.
You have  a cheerful and positive mood which can make everyone laugh.
And of course You also can smile from Your heart.
If you satisfy with all these things you have just read.
Then I advise you to be an actor in a comedy.
Because then you have that adaptability what a director looking for.
And I wish you also a great day with a smile.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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