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All is not gold that glitters.

All is not gold that glitters.


Your feelings can look at something interpret.
Your opinion and can dominate You.
Whether you know it’s true or not.
But for another is not seen as well at that moment.
The truth value but maybe as a penny.
But Your eyes it seems gold.
As it stands there in the sun.
Fly already the dollars around.
Few flashes with eyes.
Do you all believe different things.
Have you seen it wrong.
Or were your thoughts maybe?
Your doing who believe that is gold that glitters.
Upon closer look, that’s what your blinded.
Blinded by his thoughts.
That there is gold in you is waiting.
That shows a good feeling.
But is that a good cause.
Aim not to lose and everything to the name gold paste.
Paste not the price for to weigh two pound.
But the freedom to move.
Gold in the hand is freedom in the country.
With gold you can buy anything.
Is that what you think ?
Then your thoughts, worth a penny.


Health and happiness in life.
That is not for sale.
But it is worth more then gold.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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