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All we create and formalise will be a part of our future

All we create and formalise will be a part of our future

All we create and formalise will be a part of our future


All we create and formalize will be a part of our future


For our future we do not have to go to a soothsayer or what others say fortuneteller.
For they know as much as us, our existence chance and future opportunities we have to create ourselves by investing physical energy with sweat and tears.
Frankly, we’re all looking for a better future for ourselves and our loved ones who have win a place in our heart, that’s not a lie.
Continue to seek divination to hear suspicions that probably never will be there is the same as fantasising about impossible things in our mind.
By believing that we are a centipede, because we work so hard in different places and want to be everywhere at once.
The daily reality shows us something else in the mirror, so wait for a change by itself will never happen, future changes will have to come from within ourselves.
Without luck nobody does a thriving business, and without input effort and energy to stabbing either, so largely from the future success is in our own hands and thoughts.
Neither faith in ourselves we will not get far, we must believe that what another can do, we may be able to learn or at least if we want to make an effort also possible can do it.
We are not magicians, so we will not know directly if it’s right, or if we start somewhere whether it will succeed, but we can estimate it, and there are expectations so certainly if we believe in it.
If we follow our mind and heart, whereby we may first want to reach it was only a dream, but now able to generate through dedication and perseverance.
Of course, there must be carried out work there with great power efforts to reach our goal, where setbacks and obstacles must be overcome.
For everything there is a perfect solution or alternative that will help us moving forwards to take the next step for get a transcendent state.
In our life, it is just not easy anymore to achieve something through the competition that there is in abundance by the increasing numbers of the population.
But that does not mean it’s nothing, because there is always a demand for unique people and their creations created by personal enthusiasm and hard work from the heart.
Anyone who is not lazy and want to work,  will also be rewarded for it in the long run with a wait and see attitude will never be fulfilled any action.
And it is precisely action of ourselves that determines the direction of our future.
The fact is that namely everything we create and formalise will be a part of our future, walking on our own path will be easy.
Objection will be, walk on the way of another become a question mark.
Shortly tells of these days, it’s better to follow our heart and create its own path with sincere opportunities that will give to ourselves inner peace and elation.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb


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