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All Well Ends Well

All Well ends well


The last seconds of this day at 0:00, we can make a review.
See the results of the past years.
Can then definitely say it was either good or bad.
Start the new year right with a smile or hope for a better year.
If You have the bad Year then just go sleep and forget the past year, but let’s hope not.
If You are happy when another have a good life or make some good profit for sure the outcome for You will be all well that ends well.
Then You will get  an even better start for another Year with courage and a smile.
And we can have in mind that we have done well last year.
As proud as a peacock, we will then go forward with good prospects for this year.
So be smart and be Your own for this year and not to do against another what you Yourself can not accept.
And walk to the road of success for Yourself and others.
Because what is good for another is also good for you.
Then it is all well that ends well together.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - All Well ends well

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