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Along the avenue of happiness.

Along the avenue of happiness.


Happiness will let us stay together.
Our hearts will melt within.
Love will flow from there for both of us.
We’ll both benefit.
In peace and good fortune.
Prosperity for a good life.
A life with love in our hearts.
Our hearts filled with desire for each other.
So we can not miss each other.
The loss if we are not together.
We are two hands on a belly.
Butterflies in our stomachs for each other.
Constantly think of each other in our thoughts.
We can no longer wait.
We are born for each other.
I do not want to hear other names.
Have chosen for you and wants you to blush.
When I ask for you to marry me.
And to build a future together.
Only we two can do that.
Give me a kiss and say Yes.
Yes is the answer what I want to hear.
It will appeal to both of us and feel better.
Feel what love is in life.
And go for a family endeavor.
Striving to meet that and done.
To better explain our feelings.
That our love is not just the word.
But we do everything as it should.
We are Man and Woman.
Each other and remain faithful.
Till death do us sever and spread our love.
Then we have done well.
And our children a better life.
An existence of rules and respect.
That keeps it real.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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