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Appreciate what is in the Present so that we can Look Forward what’s Coming up Next for us

Appreciate what is in the Present so that we can Look Forward what’s Coming up Next for us


The monthly cost of living nowadays is so high that it is impossible for almost anyone to easily build a fortune in their life.
Tax, Telephone, insurance and so on are recurring expenses for our monthly budget and the money what is then left will be something extra for us to buy things or keep it in our savings account.
That is not always easy, because sometimes our budget is already over, but we still want to spend more on something else, so we have to let go on other things first.
Therefore, if we can be so flexible to change our life colors as a chameleon, then it will give us the solution, unfortunately the true not exactly can follow for our needs.
It is very important to be familiar or satisfy with what we are reaching now, because it is our life which we have to deal with at this moment.
Therewith be satisfied will do much good to our mood, so we can give our best behavior towards others with a good courage.
And from there we can observe other developments for perfection of our existence on earth with the a positive stimulus on our mood.
If we appreciate what we have in the present, everything will become easier when we look forward to what will develop next into the future.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Appreciate what is in the Present so that we can Look Forward what's Coming up Next for us

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  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:01

    Rakesh Aggarwal

    Contentment in the present lays the foundations for happiness for the times to come !!!
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:01

    Daphne Tan

    Lovely posting. Learn to appreciate what we have in life,...
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:02

    LaFée Joe

    Thanks Jan Jansen . True and wise words. Live your present and don't be anxious for your future .Appreciate the little things in life that make you happy . Have a great Friday ! !! !
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:03

    Maggie DeGennaro

    How true is this....very hard to live within your budget, but you have to do your best...
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:05

    Peggy Gottshall

    this my friend is very well put I just wish some of the younger generation could read this now days not like the old days when I was young I was taught to get things I needed not things I wanted Today its get what I want and the hike with what I need cause Mon and Dad will help with that God Bless you my dear one
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:06

    Lou Valdezco

    Yes, my wise friend Jan Jansen The costs of living now are really high but on the other hand some people spend too much on the things they do not need to live... I know some who have e.g. 3 computers, a few mobiles etc. Have a great time, my dear I love your posts
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 17:08

    Subrata Mandal

    So true post included the wisdom concept which refers to us always we should be satisfied in what we have possessed by our heart & soul trying. Thank you so much my dear great friend Mr.Jan Jansen for your so healthy-thoughtful post. Be happy, be safe and have happy weekend. Enjoy the Friday.
  • Posted: October 4, 2014 17:41

    Edward Koshchenets

    If your goal - to make money for a month, you're doing it right ... you will have the money for a month. If your goal - to earn money for a car, you are doing the right thing ... you will have money for cars. Select a goal and go for it ... Good post.
  • Posted: October 4, 2014 17:43

    Carly Alyssa Thorne

    The present is sooo important
  • Posted: October 4, 2014 17:44

    Loredana Ciccarelli

    Life does not happen , life gives us respond . Thank you Jan

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