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The moment when we start to think about future and what we all going to do later to reach our target is a beautiful and exciting period.
Think about certain professions that we like and want to do.
Interested in certain topics or things that capture our eyes.
Watching others what they do and see whether they are enjoy with it to meet their goal.
Make up our ideas of what is fun to do for the future and anything beyond that  will yield a good income for us.
We can start to think that we have invented the egg of Columbus or something that satisfies our desires and requirements.
Something do with fun and also will yield a good salary is the all we want to find out so we can start with it.
As we want to do it, and having obtained all the information, we realized that we are not suitable for this function.
There goes our dream of life because we are unfit to carry it out.
But stay positive because we are definitely going to find something in the future that we are really capable of doing that.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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