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How was it possible to do.
It was him, not about the money.
He has risked his life for it.
For what his heart’s guarded.
The idea of the century and many days with a big yawn.
A yawn that is not to forget or can escape.
When You see this your eyes go wide open.
It is a beautiful piece with pomp and circumstance.
How has he done this and edited.
It is even higher as a Temple or church.
Working up in the clouds and if you look down your eyes are enchanting.
Then you see the entire realm of trees and nature.
That makes you life certainly not sour.
It is an excellent challenge your love for the art so to show.
His life speaks, you do not even in Your dreams.
His idea to show a large audience and they certainly not forget.
You just have the idea for to make it in as so height above.
Dangers and opportunities he sees not.
Go for it that’s all there was in his thoughts.
A dream come true and love for the art to show others.
Show what you’ve done, have a plan and go for it.
Not stop before you see results.
This is a character that one does not often see.
A character who goes for his goal.
And later an idol for many.


It’s a great what you see on the picture.
But many do not see the challenge.
It is an achievement of life and death.
The love of art and bread.
It was certainly not for free.
But the feeling inside him nobody can rob it.
A victory up his self.
But what many do not understand.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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