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Back from Vacation.

Back from Vacation.


Holidays who can not enjoy from it ?
Getting away from it with the family or alone.
A period of relaxation and fun things do.
Relax the mind and expand with new challenges.
Other than doing things in the everyday comings and goings.
That you are looking forward a whole year long.
You have money saved and things to decided not do for get more money for the  vacation.
A whole special holiday with all the trimmings without problems.
Your own prepared so that little is what the whole thing can spoil.
All well organized and planned a vacation to succeed with pleasure.
But after a successful holiday we come back home.
Back in everyday behavior and arrived home we take a good look around.
The mailbox is full of accounts, and the windows are dirty.
A car full of bags and suitcases with dirty laundry.
The grass in the garden is one meter high and the plants hung at half eleven.
So we can start right away and you have nostalgia back for vacation.
But the money is finished and the holiday days too so what now ?
Yes, you guessed it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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