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Balancing on a ball is very hard and not easy.
Finding the right balance is the difficulty level.
To then even moving and walking increases the difficulty.
But the challenge is on the ball stay and find the right balance.
So it also in life it is not always good or bad.
To find the right balance with your self is the art.
You are indeed the one that knows Your self the best.
Only you know what is good or bad is for you.
Because You feel what is best for yourself and know if can be happy with it.
Your feelings can control and express when you want it.
That balance with yourself like Your body and mind are one.
You can change the frustration into a positive balanced mind.
The person that this balance has found or have created.
Can say I’m a true champion.
Look in the mirror and can be proud of themselves.
And see the champion in the eye.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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