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Be Familiar with Ourselves and Trust No One.

Be Familiar with Ourselves and Trust No One


Life is a complex creation of conditions which are sometimes difficult to implement or pursue.
Feelings and emotions often have such a big impact on us that we sometimes not even can handle it anymore, even understand the thinking from others, we can not muster ourselves to believe it.
Full of love at that moment  is also a maximum trust and support which can finally give us an untouched feeling so we are convinced effectively with a complete certainty of confidences.
It is like a battery that is hundred percent fully charged and then we put it in a flashlight, for sure we have the trust that the light can come out when we switch it on.
But when the battery is used out many hours for the flashlight, it shall discharge from energy, and we are confident that the bulb can be no longer lights up after awhile.
In a novice of love relationship, it is true that there is just a spark from a short circuit and then with more passionate energy and lust, love with passion can be emerged after creating a bond of trust together.
Believe in the conviction of love together will guarantee to maintain the relationship, so when the spark is extinguished and the battery is discharging from love energy, will also be showing the energetic value of confidence.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Be Familiar with Ourselves and Trust No One

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