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Be Prepared.

Be Prepared.


We can prepare many things in life.
A schedule of what should happen.
Arrange things systematically and regularly on time.
Consider with the future and prepared for the setback .
You must have a buffer to absorb the setbacks in order to handle it easily.
Positive thinking but in mind consider for something negative to happen.
Knowing that something can go wrong , but for sure it is without your fault. (Hahaha)
You give no chance for the small error to turn into a big problem later.
When You are fully prepared then the big problem will become into a small problem.
Everything well organized and prepared for Your goal.
So that positively reflect for better lives and future.
And that negative things can be dealt with a smile.
So be prepared for the future with Your smiles.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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