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Beach is so beautiful to watch.
And your thoughts from collapsing.
Nice walk in nature that makes you life is not so sour.
You can also have a swim or a jetski go taming.
Snuggle sunbathing on the warm beach.
From the sand or in a chair to give you eyes open and looking around.
And what do you see????
A fine ass ha ha ha.
But for this You not come to the beach.
These things kept you in your dreams.
You’re here to relax and rest.
For in the round watch your partner would just worry about it.
That gives wrong thinking , after fun turns on in trouble.
It is better to enjoy the family and the beach.
And to walk hand in hand on the beach.
That can make the day even better and gives you courage.
And the next morning, more prosperity in a great day.


Respect towards your partner gives a big laugh.
Together through life in all times a large amount.
An amount that nobody can afford and deserve.
Continue to serve one another.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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