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Beautiful Lips.

Beautiful Lips.


Lips who can not look at it and completely collapse.
You start to roll Your eyes and as the lips move You will hear just kidding.
You heart beats faster and your mind on lair.
What happens, what goes through to you.
The temptation by these Lips You break almost your leg.
Do not be so enticing for that first kiss.
Lips are the ones that you release your thoughts and avoidance.
Or is it your desire in the air.
Dangling on a string for a Woman or a Man.
While you may not even know who did what.
Many times you dream of it and you there and think.
But that does not love you give.
That’s a different story.
And you go with those lips to make it.
Lips are there for to eat and not to kiss.
But you know other lips are there for yours lips to polishing.
Lips play in your mind you can not wait.


I wish you good Kissing in your life.
Enjoy it because it can only takes a minute.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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