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Where we today go believe in again.
Whether we deceived again.
Where is it anyway begin with all.
You can not follow more the people.
And then get buried by lies.
The stories you get to hear.
Shall they remain insufficient and they traces to the rails of life ?
Or they should consult a doctor.
It’s all impossible to believe.
How people try to cheat.
In just what is and is not a lie.
A story that is invented in their minds.
What you now are expecting more from them.
With only lies in their minds
The trust is now broken.
Dark clouds are directly the beginning of a relationship.
Chance of Sunshine will never come.
For them it is an achievement for a new beginning.
Because of they want let you believe in a dream into something that never come.
It is too good to be true.
But where is now the border and the fun.
The border is money and the fun to use the money.
But in the end they will achieve nothing.
But they do not believe in this.
Their life is now in the present.
And from a future they have never heard.
Today everything is what them charmed.
And what they believe.
And in the end, they have deceived themselves.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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