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Between Heaven and Earth.

Between Heaven and Earth.


Here is where it all happened for our lives.
Between Heaven and Earth, we live on Earth and when we die we will go to the Heaven.
I have been taught if I do good in my life , then there is a place in Heaven for me .
Prophet is waiting at the heaven’s gate and let me inside.
Therefore it is important to live well along and bring peoples together.
To have Your proper daily schedule activities and monitor it.
The control of your own you should never lose because then things will goes wrong.
A fair world will help You to have a relaxing life.
Otherwise you have never peace in life with Yourself.
Not honest will always brings You nervous and tense and be alert.
So to live between Heaven and Earth with this way is not recommended.
You must be as free as a bird flying in the air.
You will enjoy together with many friends which have the same thinking as You.
Live in good harmony with mutual respect.
Then you can feel proud later when walking through the heaven’s gate and see the prophet is welcoming You.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Between Heaven and Earth.

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