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We can not avoid or run away off.
We all have to make with it.
And do it every year that we knows.
A year older in our passport.
And also our ways to behave we learn every year.
Our experiences show us year after year to learn.
That we also may find ourselves in difficult circumstances.
That not everything goes as we wish or plans.
But there is now a next year to explore that.
New plans in our lives and this explore with love.
Every year we have new dreams and desires.
Which usually do not go as we want.
And if it does we want about it to scream.
But in a year a lot can happen so as with many colors.
We can only hope that this year will become better.
Dreams are usually not real and true.
Wishes are also usually never come out.
So we can then take  ahead a whole year.


I want to thank everyone who have not forgotten my birthday yesterday.
And in my mind I have to eat lots of cake.
I will never forget it and keep it in my mind.
Thanks for Your congratulations and wishes.
And my respect for that  I never forget.
Every birthday that you have I will send something.
For my friends I respect and honor values.
So be prepared for anything but the people in my circle of friends.
Never regret to be Friend with me and we go forward together.
Thanks to congratulate me.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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