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Boat show.

Boat show.


A boat is beautiful to look at and enrich your eyes.
How beautiful they are inside and Streamlined to go through the water.
The interior is fully adapted to the boat and coverage.
There is even a room with a table to eat.
A bathroom and shower, with a toilet.
One bedroom with a large mattress and also a linen closet.
A kitchen to cook in and a separate place to smoke.
On the deck a large terrace with a place for an barbeque party.
All modern techniques from a radar to a satellite.
It all seems impossible what you see, your eyes are falling there almost out.
But you Makes no decision to buy one.
You are just lost a business and money it’s there yet.
You can start again from the beginning and start to saving.
Maybe over a time to go sailing on the wild sea.
Nice Jumping and fish in the water, swimming and diving.
And to smell the salt water and sunbathing on the deck.
In the evening hungry and eat to  all worries forgotten.
Then go for a sleep and dream that it all will come .
Waking up in your own bed and looking around and what then will be there.
You lie in your own familiar bed.
Are awakened from a dream with a great desire.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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