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The Land of the biggest spectacle and carnival celebrations.
Rio de Janeiro the capital of the country.
Rio with its 20 km long beach and the symbol of Jesus Christ the savior.
Standing there with outstretched arms on a more than 700 meters high mountain.
Which you can climb with stairs or go with a paranormal view in an elevator.
Watching a view of a skyline of skyscrapers and buildings.
With a nightlife to never forget.
Museums and galleries and fine restaurants.
A railway train lets you see the most beautiful places with beautiful views.
A city not to be forgotten by his inspiration and dangers.
One of the most innocent landscapes and beaches in the world.


Where every year hundreds of people killed with Carnival.
And with an institution to begin to have fun.
In joy and peace, but anticipates in a disaster.
So you see, every place has its cross.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

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