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Throughout the year they live up to and desire it.
Are very excited making clothes what is very special.
A ceremonial wagon completely rigged in a particular version.
Completely decorated for the carnival and to have fun.
Special conspicuous clothing to anyone who is looking to enjoy it.
Happy to be there with a good feeling.
See all moving things with many colors and people dancing on the truck.
With rhythm of the music walking on the street and dancing.
Will enjoy on the music and the enjoyment that everyone have.
Tasty partying and shriek with laughter and singing along with the music.
In a few days the brakes let go where you’ve worked all year.
Where you normally no time for have and not regular do.
Those are the great carnivals days where you all year desire it.
The thing you feel proud that have it made together with friends.
For these few days with succeed with having a great feeling.
That’s carnival and everyone is a different person.
With merry and cheer and have fun for two.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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