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A Castle where brave men have fought for our homeland.
I would like live in it but the maintenance is too expensive.
Large walls and poles but who should pay for it all?
That turned the citizens or by not pay tax to the noose.
At that time it was total different and not always fun.
Those who had something to justify were definitely life tired.
If they were caught was it the dungeon or the gallows.
The knights on horses with swords beat like crazy in the round.
The troops went out to protect the lot and were after many days back.
If they come back there was much gone and rebuilt, and they divided the gold.
Those were others times when see you now no more.
Today it’s all modern and better organized.
Your Social Security number and finger print is listed on your passport.
A wrong move and they have learn you quick the good way.
They come to take You with a crew that know already everything about what You do wrong.
You will be in chains beaten after their everything from bank is blocked.
You get free food and sleep until you have explained everything and put a signature.
And you can go back months or years waiting for a message from justice.
You get holiday at the expense of the state.
And there is nobody on the street who knows where it is about.
And you are gone for a while and now is your punishment for what You do wrong in the past.
Your life has changed completely but that’s the problem of another not.
The error in the past there you have now atoned for.
And now we hope you do it better in the future.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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