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Close to You.

Close to You.


In this modern age, everything is far away but yet our feeling can be so close.
Someone is 20,000 miles away from you and still can feel them in your room .
With the technology today, we can talk and admire each other for free.
Only thing is we must have an internet connection but that small amount are worth to paid.
To hear and see everything on Your phone is already possible.
We only can not touch each other and for the rest it becomes reality.
Feelings and emotions are there as we can talk and see each other.
We can laugh and cry with each other with visual and sound.
And it will all be faster and clearer with a magnificent view in the future.
You and Me are so close together with the possibilities of digital world now.
I can be in your hands on the digital device but  just the physical feeling is not there yet.
What will the digital future bring to us ?


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Close to You.


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