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We all have that in a given period.
One person more then by another. 
Many people love certain objects in life.
Are there completely obsessed and blow from.
Do there anything for to study about it and it to have.
Usually have already a large collection at home or stored somewhere.
Go to fairs to exhibitions even more buying.
Also they often trade together with a closed wallet.
Organize meetings to talk about the same topic.
Going to visit each other to see what they already have or is still missing.
In many cases is it  also their hobby with a good money earnings.
They know all about it and its value so is it buying and selling it.
It keeps them busy in a responsible manner and have fun with it.
Gives them the chance to spend leisure the free time and potential.
And it deserved to spend money to their own collection to out prepare.
Making them two birds with one stone have.
Working with a charity and expand the collection.
What brings them to the extensive collector of an object.
Because if you are looking for something special, it is better to go to a collector.
Happiness to the collection.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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