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Colors can tell You an exciting story.
This can be a wonderful story for to listen.
But perhaps is it nothing for you.
Another can enjoy from it and live with it.
You do not want to listen and have your thoughts about it.
But many colors can be also something else.
With colors we can tinge , painting and decorating.
Combine with a brush on a canvas or wall.
Mix colors to create other colors.
With many colors we can fantasize.
For the things to fascinate and cheer.
Look at it and stimulate feelings.
Achieving things where others only to look.
Broad thinking what the colors you can show.
Because in life there is a reason for everything.
You just need to understand what the other person wants You to look.
Give your eyes a chance to see more than just only colors.
That may also be a story full of exciting colors.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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