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As in conducting an orchestra.
All musicians and instruments so to instruct and combine.
So that the right noises combined are that it sounds good.
It turns into a rhythm on the feeling so that you enjoy it.
A combination of successive sounds in such a way that fall in each other.
That our ears the tones so absorb and the sounds synchronize.
A feeling that caresses our peace and feel happy.
Our relaxed feel with relaxing feeling when we listening to it.
The conductor knows every instrument and how to combine with the right tone height.
And let the sound heard with a good combination of musicians and instruments.
Together in an orchestra with combining an acoustic sound spectacle.
Millions experience the art of musicians and the instrument.
The vibrations that are created and combined are unique.
And give many people the chance to enjoy listening to music.
An experience with passion and fantastic feel good.
For these people together to combine is like shooting stars out the sky.
And is a specialty person with many policies and knowledge as rich.
Those who this high pitch show can seize is there solely but for the rich.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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