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Come into my arms.

Come into my arms.


I’m open wide with my arms.
In between, I can embrace.
You kiss and caress.
Give You all My love.
Your heart let ticking.
Whether you scare.
But this is what I craved.
I take You in my arms.
In my arms, I can cuddle.
Hug and more.
What will my heart pounding.
Feel you body against mine.
What should I do now with it.
I want to do much with it.
And for shame, I give you a kiss.
A kiss to never leave.
Do you already understand it ?
With You I want to be together.
Only with you in life.
All Love give to each other.
Together all we can win.
Let we soon begin.
And go for our purpose in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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