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Comfortable Living.

Comfortable Living.


Everyone wants to grow up in a relaxed environment.
Housing everyone assumes dreams.
On the Evening to get home.
The front door open and the smell of the food comes to Your mind.
So that’s all good and start a good feeling..
Hi honey how was your day today, good words to hear.
Your feeling that can tempt to even more.
If you already have those things around you even see it.
Do you feel in a house as a King’s Royal family.
For everything there is to state your own way.
Together you are going to buy it with love.
These are all things that you dreamed of and large values highly have for You.
Even the kitchen countertop, you make it with your idea.
The hood with nice shapes for all odors.
You have everything done for a reason for a comfortable existence.
Nice legs on the couch with you.
Wherever you are in the house all feeling is the same.
A feeling of carelessness , have it in your grasp.
It’s like when fishing, they always bite.
The shape and layout of the house is your own style.
It is like an arrow from a bow and shoot always on target.
That feeling you have every day when you come home with a big smile.
It is a resting place in your life.
Where you will experience good times and bad.
The place for everything you have done and with full of courage.


If so we’ll all be good.
At home we spend most of our lives.
So there must be given much love.
Both physically and with feeling.
That is in our lives a good cause.
And life gives a comfortable feeling.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


Image Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu.

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