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Many think for the day tomorrow.
Another day with concerns and more experiences.
Where we also have to deal with every day.
To concerns  and ensure we not want to think of and also nobody insult.
But it does keep us busy every minute of the day.
We have to explain everything and try to solve before bedtime.
So the next morning we do not have to start with worry.
Because that interrupts our lives and gives problems and not feel good.
And keep us away from trying to think of a new goal.
The concerns we must first clarify and resolve.
Before we can proceed without it to let pass us by.
That we can not, because it will give us many more trouble after.
Which can not be solved and brings several more concerns.
Especially tomorrow with every day having to pay more.
The fines of all costs from that higher bills entails.
It increases the worry and the costs of all those high post
What the authorities can count that is easy to calculate.
That’s in the law described in a book and this does never get lost.
Also you can view it online at the website from the law system.
So if you do not follow their rules hold , they go there with your money away.
Then it becomes increasingly difficult for get out of the worry.
And you not even want to think about tomorrow.
Because that brings you only more worry.
I wish you a carefree existence.
Worry for tomorrow.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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