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Courage !



You must be brave to begin a challenge.
Stay strong in your shoes and know what you want.
Go for nothing out of the way and stay on the train tracks that knows only one direction.
The direction you have chosen to remain with or without obstacles.
Your own not to let influence or impress by others.
All hazard setbacks to take for granted and go on Your way.
Continue try to act honestly and handle everything in evenly balanced.
All good assessment and then finishing on Your plan.
Avoid everything that which have a big risk.
And search for another quick solution when there is risk lurking is on You.
Be sure of your goal and concentrate on a higher level plan as your rival.
Another person will never feel like you’re more than them.
Trying with mutual respect and confidence to achieve your goal.
With hands can never break iron , but can forge the iron in the fire.
Make sure the fire is not dangerous because then You can get burn Yourself.
Bring the courage on to act with peace.
how your courage and bravery in life.
As a friend for life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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