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Creativity is the Best Ingredients to Cook Delicious Foods

Creativity is the Best Ingredients to Cook Delicious Foods


An imaginative power gives us unlimited imagination and the opportunities to be resourceful to new ideas, or we can improve on top of the developments to what we are doing.
Always believe on every thought available about which direction we want to go, will manifest results in our life.
We no need to be too wise for coming up with new ideas, with creativity, we can discover them naturally, just leave the original thing to be stimulated by fantasy and then it will change into our own creation.
Of course it will not be a success for us each time, and sometimes we might be disappointed with it, but its still brings variation in our life which is better than nothing at all.
Even sometimes there is so many alternations and amendments need to be done, so we sometimes may lie on the floor with laughter or tears in our eyes of joy.
With a positive thoughts, we can only learn from our experiences, without our own commitment and artistry we also cannot become wiser and after that its possible we’re digress off to a standard life.
There may be many good opportunities and future plans, but if our thought and power of creation ability does not work together, only little will change.
Think differently than others gives an added value to our personality, be honest, polite and decent to other fellows beings with extreme mind on certain things give a difference but also justified the acceptance of us by others.
Extreme cook uses its own ingredients and creativity to entertain their diners to enjoy the wonderful prepared delicious meals.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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Daily Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - creativity is the Best Ingredients to Cook Delicious Foods

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  • Posted: March 5, 2015 18:36

    Cindy Capobianco

    Our daily best is the best we can be! Keeping an open mind with our focus always heading in the direction that is best for our ultimate goal is all ways true to ourselves.... If we go a little right, a little left, it is Ok. the variation is good, and things won't be monotanous.... Lots of different ingrediants are good ... Thank you Easybranches Easyjanjansen Jan Jansen
    • Posted: April 5, 2015 04:42

      Jan Jansen

      Thanks Cindy for Your comment with many possibilities we have more chances in life and when we build self our invironment that have this will be great around us, because that can make that we are s good cook with the right tools and ingredients too use when we need them, be honest and this will be there by self many contacts that trust You and we them will give us that possibility, because many people will know more then one. Happy day and regards Cindy Jan

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