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Crying an Tears


Crying and Tears.

Why there is always crying in our life?
Cry, we can start in a number of ways.
We can cry with grief, pain, unhappy, great joy or emotion.
Children can start to cry for attention or to get their own needs such as food, comfort in pain and need help from others.
When cry there are always crying tears.
Tears of longing and tear to worry.
Or tears for tomorrow.
Sometimes You do not need to go ahead and take it over Your tears .
Cry and urge to fall down.
Crying so much that Your eyes begin to bulge out.
But crying is something that no one can prevent.
You can even cry in Your dreams.
You only dream of that when You do not have to come.
Or crying from joy or love someone else.
You also want to avoid crying then You are wrong.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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