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Dancing with Pleasure

Dancing with Pleasure

Almost all of us can learn to walk since our birth.
It goes automatically after a period of time.
We learn to dance with pleasure as we feel the rhythm of the music.
Without music, it is almost impossible to get a rhythm to move.
The beats of music gives rhythm to movements of our body regularly.
With the right movement, others will start notice this and look into it.
While it give Yourself a super feel to the rhythm of the music to inspire you and give You a better condition.
It can be an addiction because Your body move every time when you hear something with a certain rhythm.
This does not have to be specify music, but it also can be a special noise.
It gives us fun and happy moments when we are dancing there.
Let’s us just enjoy and go with the rhythm of music.
Our body move so that we can forget everything and concentrate on the dance floor.
We have fun with dance and feel rejoice at that time

I wish You a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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Dancing with Pleasure

Dancing with Pleasure @authorjanjansen @easyjanjansen @janjansenpoetry



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