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Danger is you do not always know.
But because of danger all can shaking in body.
Sometimes you can not deny You and able to shake a leg.
You can feel it all over you body.
The danger can suddenly overwhelm you with fear and pain.
Hazards can just be.
They can come from nothing and another does not recognize or indentify.
Danger can hide in a corner.
And you can swap it for anything.
It can happen to anyone.
And you can even dream about.
I wish the other not but I have no control over it.
Search never dangers, because there is no stop.
Some get a kick out of danger.
And then have a lot of arranging and good feeling after.
Other hazards may leave you trembling.
And also give a trauma.

I give you hope and a life without danger.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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