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It’s dark in the streets, but I have an eye on everything.
I can see through the walls and can peeking through the slits.
The environment can quickly explore and create a schedule.
Something plans to take advantage and combine with the dark.
During the day everything looks and is easy.
But in the dark there is another quick decision.
Then you can not good see bu much better good to hear.
We are now once so born and so created.
We really have this all in our mind.
The one knows it better to use and see everything in the bushes.
Can it all be better organized to perform quick.
His work can make of it, if he wants to do.
But in the night to work  and go in the day to sleep.
I’m not so agree with that , for my feelings.
The day is not sleeping well and waking up every time.
That would make life a whole changing to give all different times and to perform.
Will that make everything better for not to much sleep.
Never look at the sun or have a breakfast.
With lunch sleeping and dreams and not even can walk in the woods.
Why we should all have or leave it or have we not noticed that.
If we look only to the benefits that is something we should not do.
It will not improve and distribute many of your good lives existence.
We are going better in the day against it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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