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Dead End.

Dead End.


What happens when you think you’re doing well and the road ends.
Thinking that you are on the right track and run into a wall.
Your world collapses and You lost Your own advice .
All good preparations by you leads to nothing.
You have listened to others who told that you did well.
Do business and make investment to reach a higher level.
For them it was a good thing and you needed this for your plan to work.
At least that was their counter to tells you and encouraged.
You went there with full enthusiasm and courage , because you believed it.
Because trust is the prerequisite for a good future together.
It was also said to me by my business partners that I trust.
That if I would introduce these systems and technology I can made more customers.
The tips that received for investing on them were so believable.
Everything grew and you thought that the company had landed on the right track.
Your invested time and money after the deal is already lost.
Yes and then the impossible happened in your mind and life.
You are stuck at the dead end of the road and cannot go further .
A back road is no longer there that would only mean loss.
The beautiful business you have now is worth nothing in this situation.
Entrepreneurs just want to do business with growing businesses.
And invest for the future, but your company stands with its back against the wall.
When at dead end , tried everything to do to force and move forwards.
You want to go but there are so many factors that stop it.
Municipal regulations and a destination plan.
You can not continue and the competitors are not standing still they will continue.
The reputation are lost through and this gives huge money loss.
The cost is not to overlook the production is now limited.
To break the way is the only salvation for business and personnel.
But Municipal regulations and then competitors and bodies give a stop.
Helpless look to how everything gone lost.
On the road that you thought that it had no end.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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