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How do we create peace ?
That We do not with a demonstration.
It runs most only out on to a big problem.
And the police are there quickly for to arrest.
Because you can not just demonstrate at random.
If you are there between runs then you have bad luck.
And be caught in chains and beaten after also comes to court.
Most demonstrations run out on riots.
Because most people call the police and they jerk directly out.
These are not welcome and the protesters spread they into groups.
Bang in panic and want to run away from it and then into a police trap.
This is followed with more trouble with the police that have too much power.
And that only gives more power and violence against the demonstrators.
The police want them subdual and the brakes are loose on the streets.
The protesters are also very angry and disappointed.
Then it goes hard against each other and it’s not finished.
But everyone already knows that you can not beat the judiciary.
Or did you think differently ?
If the police can not win come then the mobile unit is involved.
If the other device not can win comes the army and we can not win from the army.
Make sure you have everything organized before you go demonstrate.
Get permits and police escort and you wil become as a citizen honored.
This prevents many problems and helps you sleep well in Your own home.
Then is arranged everything in peace and give you a better feeling.
The demonstration will therefore be have more objective.
Read it in the news and also on the TV.
Demonstrating for a better life there is something what matters.
And all the people that love to talk about it and to be honored.
I hope you’ve learned a lot from these sentences.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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