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Why There are so huge differences in Life?
One is pretty another is ugly
One is smart the other is Dom
One is healhty the other have terminally ill.
One has all his limbs but she lacks the other.
One is rich while the other is poor.
One must work hard for the money the other Does nothing and get it easily.
One has it all the other has nothing
One always has the happiness the other get bad luck.
One gets everything done the other nothing.
One has much knowledge but no Possibilities
But no one has all the knowledges.
One learns the easy things in hard way.
The are born with brain but the other without it.ha ha ha
Think of yourself and think about another.
You do not have to compare.
Different GRASS is always greener.
But realize the life very well and Love life.
And knows how many of those who have been worser than you.
Learn to be content with your own life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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