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Different are.

Different are.


Everybody is different than others.
One is large the other small.
Thick or thin.
Blond or black.
Narrow or round.
Wise or stupid.
Rich or poor.
Yellow, red, brown, white or another color.
Perfect or defective.
But what do we care about it , we all of us are the same and one.
We all need to eat and go to the toilet.
Sleeping and waking.
Wrong eating and vomiting.
To give love and take love and need love.
And all this does not mean that we can have no future.
The differences range from a so far.
Some think that who are you or what are you .
People try to think positively.
And am happy with the life we have now and what it can bestow.
And try that once fully realize.
Be happy if you’ve got more gifts and odds.
And try also what to do with this.
Life is not just about Money.
Because in life is give and take.
And give respect to get respect back.
We must not undermine it and forget it.
Difficult words to use when eating.
Where should it all go ?
Try to support each other and communicate.
Making it easier to get everything appraised.
And not always complaining and splutter.
But think about your existence.

Because together we can do everything .
Together we are strong in life.
We can give love to each other in many ways.
Always think positive because all the negative are so many good aspects.
Learn from all your mistakes.
And building a healthy future together.


Love for each other’s life is too short.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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