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Different in life.

Different in life.


Yes there must be difference in the life.
To love each other the right to give.
Love with much pain and suffering.
But once we have a bite.
There are so many different people and animals.
Most look like vultures.
You can not trust them and not build on them.
That will only repent You.
The difference is as large.
And not all they eat bread.
But we find all the dead.
That is something no one can ignore.
Because nobody is from stone.
Feelings that explain everything.
And bear new children.
Before there is no difference.
And everyone has a buttock.
Sometimes with the buttocks exposed.
There are so many races and classes.
And everyone should also urinate.
That’s part of our body.
Difference for this is not there.
But many people see this not.


Keep yourself in life.
How you look that gives nothing.
For each jar there is a lid.
Remember that.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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