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Digital World.

Digital World.


There are no boundaries in the digital world everything is possible.
All things have also a price tag on but the possibility is there.
In the dark, looking through infrared.
GPRS transmitters they know where something standing in the world.
Its possible through the wall on the other side of a wall watching and listening .
Take photo images or record a video from countless miles away.
Talk in a chat and see each other or write a text.
Television and music via satellite all without wires or a fixed connection.
Internet via wireless as also Bluetooth or via your mobile phone.
It’s all impossible to imagine that it is out of our lives .
And even better it will only further more expanded in the future.
Affordable for the largest mass of the population.
It is something beautiful and helpfull in our lives but also something dangerous.
If it comes in the wrong hands.
But let’s not think about this and lets take the benefits.
Just think of the positive digital equipment in the hospitals.
And there we are all of benefit.
Because nobody is healthy his whole life.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


Digital World.

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