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More and more people are unhappy in life.
They have no more to their liking.
Watch and compare themselves more with other people.
And she give themselves a bad impression on their lives.
They forget that the moment is only ostentation.
And only see the beautiful side to another.
The reality they forget or can not see them.
They see only what they want to see and make themselves more wise.
A beautiful house with a nice car that’s going well there.
Forget that even if three months not pay to the bank get everything disappears.
And those where it is every month to work and ensure that it can be charged.
The proverb “the outside is nicer than the inside” is useful here.
It all seems more beautiful than it is, what we see and believe.
And a promise to better ourselves and believe in ourselves.
Be strong and confident and have a purpose in life.
What another can not give your self to go there.
Do not look at another and live your own life.
Be strong and know that you can.
Everyone has his own life.
And everyone has another chance.
Your chance is in your hands.
Go for it with a good feeling.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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