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Do not worry.

Do not worry.


For sure there will be a tomorrow do not worry.
This day we will also endure.
And go there together against it.
I will do everything to free you.
For better times and a good life.
Good days shall follow.
Glad we open our eyes in the morning.
And to believe in it again.
This new day will be very good again.
Because we have everything in order.
We know what we do in life.
For each day new feeding.
Learning every day all over again from our mistakes.
Mourning if we have done something wrong.
And then again positively against it.
Being positive is always in our thoughts.
For this we do not need to wait.
Ideas come than forward.
And we listen with our ears.
Then we discuss a plan.
What should happen then ?
We must work hard for it.
It will limit our lives in our doings.
But we do not notice.
Everything we do from our hearts.
And that plays us in the end a large part.
A part to a better life.
And those things to get where we used to dream of layers.
Brother do not worry.
We have the future well-stowed.
And there will later enjoy.
So As Santa Claus and his sleigh.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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