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Don’t let others Define You.

Don’t let others Define You


A good life starts only when You live for Yourself.
Go with Your own path and not follow others.
Do those things in life where You have interest for 100%.
Make sure that You never become dependent on something or someone else in Your life.
Where You’re excel in giving more attention to this in order to work it out and improve it so that You can benefit from it.
Only speak a little to others and show them nothing.
That’s a secret for your future and don’t let others to abuse it.
Don’t let Your intelligence and knowledge be used by others so that it will reduce the chance for your life.
That would be an unwise decision to give Your knowledge out of Your hands because that will You give Yourself a disadvantage and You maybe put out of play in the chess game and become checkmate as a result.
So do not let yourself define by others so you’re not stand a chance subsequently to betray by Your own knowledge.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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don't let others define you - Easy Branches

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