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They teach me if in doubt do not overtake the car.
Somewhere on doubt is a sign of insecurity.
Uncertainty is something that You can hope for.
Hope springs eternal, but can not give assurance.
Certainty is something that we need in life.
A life without certainly is no life.
Is a life without meaning or a future.
Who the first step does not dare to take.
Will never know what will come after the second step.
Be in two minds and not take risks will never lead to improvement.
But rather a worse life.
Reduce risks and a properly consult and after see what to do.
Is a healthy thing but decide Yourself for not to doubt.
Doubt gives actually already a losing position.
Know where you’re getting into and be sure that You know what to doing.
See if you can handle it and it can handle when a adversity come.
It can collect and finish to the end of plan and also can pay with the budget.
With the same smile can wake up in the morning.
And with full of courage to continue your goal.
The goal that you with no doubt have started and with certainty.
You had your own everything already prepared for good times and bad times.
Anything planned was in your head and nothing is overlooked and a good sketch is taken.
And take into account things that you can not control it by Yourself , because You no have the knowledge about it only have the idea.
Others the confidence and the chance give to do it together.
Many make an abuse of the situation and do so their advantage to take for themselve.
But the whole plan and execution is in your head.
But unfortunately you do not have all the knowledge to do it alone independently.
So you need to sit back and share information with others about Your idea.
In order to carry out Your ideas and knowledge and thereby gives it out from hands.
And the wrong person as a unwise human can make abuse of it.
And not think about the future but to self-interest.
Self-interest is a short life in the business world.
Strong together is something that here about the head is seen.
They now have a good idea and plan of yours stolen.
And take the idea about it to their advantage but forgot 1 thing.
That’s just a part of your idea not the full plan.
So useless in the long-term business opportunity they had , they loss now with to be not honest.
They are more lost than won, but they realize that if it is too late.
You’re not getting from the plan and continue with your idea.
They have lost their name and your time and money.
Because you must again looking for a new person with the knowledge to help You with the idea.
That your idea in practice can bring, that’s all.
You know that if your plan is fully implemented.
There is only 1 winner and the prizes are handed out.
The price you have earned with your determination to carry it out.
You own no-one can doubt have to spend.
And so on experiences have been learn with the people around you.
Which you have laughed and cried and worked.
Your trust give and have given your heart.
For their ready have been if there were problems.
When they have the fire was extinguished you with your knowledge and capabilities.
Because your thoughts and goal is to work the idea and plan to perform together.
Their goal was to their advantage and needs to improve their lives.
And if they thought you no longer need to have to leave you.
And with many worries and problems to let behind.
But they forgot one thing and had mistaken the person.
This person is not in doubt but started with a well prepared plan.
With an idea in his head and no one can accomplish nothing without him.
An idea for the future with everyone around him.
That time may survive better through knowledge and science.
By sharing experiences and setbacks to overcome.
And who ever does good also well met.
Time will learn and will not return.
But a good future with confidence for sure.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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